Your favorite non profit?

As mentioned in our mission statement that was shared for the first time the other day, we’re out to change the world.

We mean that!

My first thought, was to build organizations to help people, animals and nature.
Then it occurred to me, there are so many people who have spent so much time dedicating their lives to many different non profits… so we should just make the money we need, to donate it to them!

Every month 100% of proceeds from on shirt will go to a non profit organization.
Once my company grows, a percentage of the sales from all other tees will be donated as well.

I’ve been doing a lot of research! but I need some help.
I need some ideas for non profits for these causes
– human trafficking
– paying for counseling for people who can’t afford mental health
– dog/animal sanctuary
– LGBTQ shelter
– Ocean sanitation

and any others that you think will be a good cause.

Please leave comments, or send an email telling us about your favorite non profits.

thank you!!


May’s cause- Mental Health

It’s almost May!

Time sure does fly!

I wanted to take a quick second to announce my project.
For the months of may and June 100% of the profits from my ‘Just a phase’ Tee, will go toward an organization for paying for counseling, for those who can’t afford it.

I can tell you from experience how much it helps, I went a majority of my adulthood, not being able to afford it… I want to do my part to help others not feel the same way.

If you have any suggestions for future projects, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you all for reading!
Love you!


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Wearing your graphic tee

We know!
Graphic tees can be intimidating… how do you even wear this thing without looking like you made no effort, or like you threw on your boyfriend Tshirt so you could run to wawa at 9pm?

That is the single greatest part, about wearing a graphic tee. It’s minimal to no effort, and you always look like a badass.

Check out this chick. Simply rolled up the sleeves on her tee, cuffed her jeans, threw on some sick heels… bam she looks amazing!

Everyday New Fashion: Best Street Fashion Inspiration And Looks
Photo Credit:

This one is my favorite!
Honestly, you can wear black skinny jeans and a leather jacket with anything in the world, and it looks totally badass.
Wear one of our tees with this combo and you can take over the world!

Hair, outfit, everything.
Photo Credit:

While I’ll admit that most guys just put on a graphic tee and jeans, and call it a day, I’ll also admit, that it’s totally working for them!
If you pair our tee with some good old blue jeans and white shoes, you will undoubtedly look amazing!

Plain black tee
Photo credit: Max Taylor

This one is fool proof. How much easier, and more comfortable can it get? Tshirt, jeans, cardigan, flats!
and she looks amazing, and I’m sure she’s comfortable!

Photo Credit:

These are some of the top style I’d use to wear a graphic tee, looking like your trying without actually trying is what makes the world go round (I think)

Show us how you wear your graphic tee!
Even if it’s not by Some Weird Tees, we’d still love to see your style!

Some Weird Tees is weird chick owned & operated.
You’re weird, so are we!
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Cool New Model.

Is Abby a true model?
Not to my knowledge..
but that doesn’t change the fact that the girl rocks the hell out of our lipstick tee! (and honestly everything else she wears)


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Women’s empowerment design contest

A few months ago, I hosted a women’s empower design contest, and I could not possibly be more excited about the results.

An amazing artist named Lauren, from Mylifelines blog, won the contest and came out with this amazing piece!

It’s still available for purchase in our shop so please take a look!


Some Weird Tees is Weird Chick Owned & Operated!

Some Weird Tees blog take 2!

Thanks for joining me!

You’re awesome!!

As some of you may know, this is not my first attempt at blogging.
We won’t go into detail about what happened to the first weird tees blog (RIP) but let’s just say that it is no more.

So now I’m starting fresh! I’ll be sharing tidbits, behind the scenes, some sick advice, and maybe even dropping some random knowledge.

I hope you follow along and love the brand as much as I do.

Stay weird

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