Your favorite non profit?

As mentioned in our mission statement that was shared for the first time the other day, we’re out to change the world.

We mean that!

My first thought, was to build organizations to help people, animals and nature.
Then it occurred to me, there are so many people who have spent so much time dedicating their lives to many different non profits… so we should just make the money we need, to donate it to them!

Every month 100% of proceeds from on shirt will go to a non profit organization.
Once my company grows, a percentage of the sales from all other tees will be donated as well.

I’ve been doing a lot of research! but I need some help.
I need some ideas for non profits for these causes
– human trafficking
– paying for counseling for people who can’t afford mental health
– dog/animal sanctuary
– LGBTQ shelter
– Ocean sanitation

and any others that you think will be a good cause.

Please leave comments, or send an email telling us about your favorite non profits.

thank you!!


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