Wearing your graphic tee

We know!
Graphic tees can be intimidating… how do you even wear this thing without looking like you made no effort, or like you threw on your boyfriend Tshirt so you could run to wawa at 9pm?

That is the single greatest part, about wearing a graphic tee. It’s minimal to no effort, and you always look like a badass.

Check out this chick. Simply rolled up the sleeves on her tee, cuffed her jeans, threw on some sick heels… bam she looks amazing!

Everyday New Fashion: Best Street Fashion Inspiration And Looks
Photo Credit: Glamradar.com

This one is my favorite!
Honestly, you can wear black skinny jeans and a leather jacket with anything in the world, and it looks totally badass.
Wear one of our tees with this combo and you can take over the world!

Hair, outfit, everything.
Photo Credit: la-vie-en-rose.tumblr.com

While I’ll admit that most guys just put on a graphic tee and jeans, and call it a day, I’ll also admit, that it’s totally working for them!
If you pair our tee with some good old blue jeans and white shoes, you will undoubtedly look amazing!

Plain black tee
Photo credit: Max Taylor

This one is fool proof. How much easier, and more comfortable can it get? Tshirt, jeans, cardigan, flats!
and she looks amazing, and I’m sure she’s comfortable!

Photo Credit: 99outfit.com

These are some of the top style I’d use to wear a graphic tee, looking like your trying without actually trying is what makes the world go round (I think)

Show us how you wear your graphic tee!
Even if it’s not by Some Weird Tees, we’d still love to see your style!

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You’re weird, so are we!
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